Parklea visitor information

MTC-Broadspectrum commenced operating Parklea Correctional Centre (the Centre) on the 31 March 2019 on behalf of Corrective Services NSW. The information below will help you prepare to visit the Centre if you have never visited before, and give you information about changes if you previously visited the Centre before it was operated by MTC-Broadspectrum.

If you have any questions please call the Visits line on (02) 8676 7999, 8:15am to 3:45pm, Monday to Friday. The Visits line is closed on public holidays.

Below is some general information about visiting the Centre. For more comprehensive visits information, consult the Corrective Services NSW visitor information.

General visits information

What are the visiting hours?

Visiting hours are:

  • Main Centre: Monday, and Wednesday to Sunday (no visits on Tuesdays). There are morning and afternoon visits. Please contact the Visits line for available times based on the area of the inmate your are visiting.
  • Area 4: Saturday and Sunday, 08:30–10:00, 12:30 and 13:45.
How can I book a visit?

You can book a visit by calling the Visits line on (02) 8676 7999, between 8:15am and 3:45pm, Monday to Friday. The Visits line is closed on public holidays.

How often can I visit?

The maximum time for each visit is 1 hour. You are permitted two visits per week, which can be 1 during the week and 1 over the weekend, or 2 during the week. You are not able to have two visits over a single weekend (excluding in Area 4). This allows each inmate fair opportunity to see their family and friends.

How many people can visit at any one time?

Up to 4 adult visitors and 4 children are allowed to visit at any one time. An exception may be made if the inmate has more than 4 children, in which case all the children may be permitted to visit at the same time. However, this may result in a reduction in the number of adult visitors allowed to accompany the children during this visit.

Can children visit?

Yes, children can visit and are encouraged to do so. Visitors under the age of 18 must be supervised by a responsible adult.

MTC-Broadspectrum partners with SHINE for Kids to provide positive experiences for families during visits. SHINE for Kids staff are qualified and accredited to supervise children. There is a children’s play area inside the visits centre, and a creche located outside of the Centre.

I'm nervous about visiting.

Don't worry. Although it can be stressful to visit a correctional facility the first time, ensuring that everyone has positive, safe and secure visits is our priority because we know that the positive support of family and friends is critical to an inmate’s wellbeing. It also helps inmates make positive changes in their lives, so they don’t end up back in prison.

What do I need to do to prepare for my visit?

Arrive at the Centre 20 minutes prior to your scheduled visit commencement time.

You will need this time to complete security and identity checks prior to entering the visit area.

Bring identification.

If your fingerprint and photographic image are already stored within the biometric identification (BID) system, you do not need to present any additional identification (ID). However, it is always a good idea to bring ID as a back-up.

If you have visited the Centre before and you have a visitor identification number (VIN), you can access the Centre by presenting one primary or one secondary form of ID (see the lists below).

If you have not visited the Centre before, you can present one primary form of ID from this list:

  • A current photo driver licence issued by any State or Territory of Australia
  • A Proof of Age card available from NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)
  • A current passport or one that has expired within two years
  • Any current photo identification issued by a Government Department or Authority.

If you do not have a primary form of ID, you will need to present three secondary forms of IDs from this list:

  • Original or extract of a birth certificate
  • Electoral roll enrolment card or other evidence of enrolment
  • Public utility record issued within six months of the date of intended visit e.g. a telephone, gas or electricity bill, water rates, council rates or land valuation notice
  • Current vehicle or boat registration papers
  • Marriage certificate
  • Australian naturalisation or citizenship document or immigration papers issued by the Commonwealth
  • Current entitlement card issued by an Australian Federal or State Government Department or Authority
  • Credit or debit card with the holder’s signature.

Do not try to bring in any contraband or prohibited items.

You will not be allowed to enter the Centre with any contraband or prohibited items. Attempts to bring in contraband or prohibited items will result in you being delayed and you may be charged with a criminal offence.

Prohibited items include things such as guns, knives, alcohol and syringes. These must not be brought to a correctional centre, including the visitor car park. Visitors must leave their cigarettes and mobile phones in secure lockers provided at the Centre.

Adhere to the dress code.

We consistently apply a strict dress code. Regardless of which correctional officer is on duty and conducting the security screening, the below rules will be applied. Because the rules are clear, you will always know what to expect.

The dress code is:

  • No see-through clothing
  • No singlets, tank tops or crop tops
  • No inappropriate language or graphics on any piece of clothing or item worn or carried into the Centre
  • No logos or symbols associated with drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol or gangs
  • No ripped or torn items
  • No caps or hoodies
  • For both men and women, skirts and shorts must be at least long enough to reach the top of the knee
  • Footwear must be enclosed
  • No steel capped boots
  • No piercings or jewellery other than a set of studs or sleeper earrings and plain wedding band or engagement ring (no rings with jewels or stones)
  • No watches, activity trackers or smart watches
  • No sunglasses
  • Zimmer frames, wheelchairs, walking sticks and crutches are permitted access, but they will be subjected to search
  • Religious head coverings are permitted. However, you may be asked to remove the head covering for identification purposes. This will be performed in the most culturally respectful, sensitive and appropriate way possible.
Can I give feedback or make a request, enquiry or complaint about visits?

You are welcome to give feedback or make a request, enquiry or complaint in relation to visits at the Centre. A suggestion box and relevant forms are located in the reception area of the visits centre. You can also email your suggestions or feedback to